Dolls House Gallery 9

My name is Victoria. I live in such country as Ukraine. I create houses in a miniature. This my hobby which already with me here 14 years. In total I am created 8 houses. Five of them are completed, and three for the present are not completed. It would be interesting to me to communicate to people which too create houses in a miniature. Because such people, I believe live like in another world, not in such like live all others. And they understand such things which are not understanding for other people. To me, certainly, it would be desirable to find adherents, people like me.  I know that in England this very much widespread hobby.  In our country I had not to meet people which would be fond than that similar.

Victoria, Ukraine

Monkey House.
This house is the very first which has been created by me in 1992 on prototype Barbie House. But it has been created a little bit another. And then after years this house has been reconstructed and now is in more advanced kind.
Beverly Hills.
This house on the main idea is the house of the musician. Therefore inside a house that you will not tell by the kind, as if the concert hall where there is a stage, musical instruments, and also set of chairs is hidden. On a ground floor there is a drawing room in which the grand piano and furniture for private listening masterpieces of songs is located. On a roof of a building is some kind of a disco in the form of a dome with crystal little balls which are attached to this orange dome above.

Magic Land.
This construction, this house is a private villa house of rich people. Plus that the roof is created on a unusual plan. On a roof grow fur-trees and other trees.
Jo Castle.
It is the ancient castle in which there lives princess.  Mystical rooms are the main attribute of this ancient castle. Strolling corridors of the castle princess frequently sees in a window of a shadows and the full moon.
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